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August 4 Today in OPC History

Hamden, Connecticut


On August 4, 1936, an independent congregation in New Haven, Connecticut, applied for membership in the newly formed Presbyterian Church of America (now OPC). That church began with former members of the Benedict Memorial Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) in New Haven, forming Calvin Presbyterian Church in 1932 under the leadership of the Rev. Luther Craig Long. On August 17, 1936, the Rev. John Skilton filled the pulpit as a guest preacher, and it was his privilege to inform the congregation that it had been accepted into the Presbytery of New York and New England.

Through the course of years the congregation changed locations and even church names, eventually settling in Hamden and adopting the name Westminster OPC. After Pastor Long resigned because of ill health, the ministers who have served this flock include Marvin Derby (1938–42), Edmund Clowney (1942–46), Ralph Clough (1947–49), Philip Chase (1954–55), Robert Anderson (1956–60), William Moreau (1961–75), Ronald Jenkins (1976–78), Richard Gerber (1979–99), Calvin Keller (2000–2006), and Jonathan Holst (2007–present). Since 1987 James W. Campbell has served as a teacher of the congregation.

Picture: February 2, 1964, the congregation prepares for worship in the lower level of the new building. The upper level was still under construction. Second row from right: Gran Bacon, Isabelle Hawley; Third row from right to left: Elder Al Squires, Jeannie Squires, Martha Squires, Jeannie Hooghkirk, Ruth (Squires) Bacon, David Squires; row four, Phelma Gingold; row five from right to left: Danny Bacon, Martha (Bacon) Quinto, Ruth Bacon, Karl Bacon, Peter Bacon, Elder Henry Bacon, Joel Bacon: Row Six from right to left, Bill Bacon, Alma Clark, William Cunningham, Henry Haar, Danny Haar; Row seven, George Remington; last row, Ed and Lucille Ricketts.



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