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June 10 Today in OPC History

OPC Moderators and Westminster Seminary


On June 10, 1986, the Rev. Dr. Robert Strimple was elected moderator of the Fifty-third General Assembly of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church meeting at St. Davids, Pennsylvania. His election marked the eleventh time that an OPC minister teaching at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia had been elected moderator. Those preceding him were OPC ministers and WTS professors J. Gresham Machen (1936), R.B. Kuiper (1938), Paul Woolley (1940), Ned Stonehouse (1946), Leslie Sloat (1950), John Skilton (1953), E. J. Young (1956), Edmund Clowney (1958), John Murray (1961), and Richard Gaffin Jr (1984).

In 1939, Cornelius Van Til was nominated and actually elected to serve as moderator of the sixth General Assembly while off the floor, but was granted his request to have the action rescinded once he returned.

Picture: From top left clockwise, J. Machen, R.B. Kuiper, N. Stonehouse, P. Woolley and E. Clowney, R. Strimple, R. Gaffin, L. Sloat, J. Skilton and middle, John Murrray and E. J. Young.



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