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September 28, 2003 Q & A

Birth Control


I am considering joining a local OPC. One of the questions I have had for awhile is what does the Bible say about birth control? What does OPC believe?


The Bible says nothing about artificial methods for the reason that there were no artificial methods of birth control in biblical times. "Birth control" could apply to early abortion. Both the Bible and the OPC are dead opposed to abortion.

One form of birth control that should be rejected by Christians is the intra-uterine devices which dislodge a fertilized ovum. In other words, a mere ovum or sperm is not a person. But once conception has taken place, then there exists a living person created in the image of God. It is the OPC view that the life of an unborn child requires the same protections as a child or an adult! So that the use of any device or drug that destroys a living embryo violates the sixth Commandment.

Scripture forbidding abortion is not explicitly given, but murder is forbidden; and unborn children are real people. For these, read Psalm 139:12-16, and Luke 1:39-44.

As to artificial means of preventing conception, we have no help from Scripture. Genesis 38:6-10 is cited as avoiding conception, but the reason that God struck down Onan was for his refusal to raise up seed to his brother who died without an heir. The OPC does not have a declared position on conception prevention (other than abstinence). That doesn't mean that there is no concern over the issue, but, as I said, the Bible doesn't address artificial means of conception prevention because there were none in Bible times.



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