August 21, 2011 Q & A

Followup to "Who Created Religion?"


The previous answer says that God created religion. Why did he create many religions, most of which have no followers? I read that of all the religions known to modern western historians, over 99% have no followers. Even so, there are a huge number still practiced. As you must know, they are highly geographical. Anyone born in Iran will almost certainly practice a different religion from someone born in Italy or India. In addition, anyone born more than 2,000 years ago could not have been a Christian or a Muslim. How can we make sense of such puzzling facts?


All of the world's religions, except for one, were created by sinful people. The Bible clearly says that man was not a sinful being when he was first created. At that time there was already religion because God created Adam and, in him, all mankind to be religious beings. As wise Solomon put it: "God made man upright, but they sought out many inventions" (Eccl. 7:29).

It is true that someone born in Iran will "almost certainly practice a different religion from someone born in Italy or India." But almost is not the same as all. There are Christian believers in Iran (dangerous as it is to be one) as in virtually all other countries. God has his elect in every place. He promised Abraham that in "his seed" (that is, the Messiah) all nations of the world would be blessed. I've been in some places in the world where the number of Christians is small, but that was once true of the part of the world where my ancestors lived (Scotland). And of one thing I am certain. When Christ returns there will be a multitude that no man can number, made up of people from every tongue, tribe and nation. They will all be there to celebrate the victory of Christ and to live with him in a renovated world through all eternity. Read your Bible more and more and you will see more and more clearly that the future belongs to Christ and his people.



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