December 04, 2011 Q & A

Why were the Ten Commandments omitted from Trinity Hymnal?


In comparing the original 1961 Trinity Hymnal with the 1990 Trinity Hymnal, I noted that the Ten Commandments, found on the first page of the 1961 hymnal, are omitted from the 1990 hymnal. What is the reason for this omission?


The decision regarding the Ten Commandments in the 1990 revision of Trinity Hymnal was influenced by feedback from churches that had been using the original edition. Some opined that having the Law printed in the hymnal was unnecessary and worshipers could use personal or pew Bibles. Others held that the Law should be read by the pastor and that unison or responsive reading thereof by the congregation is improper. These and other considerations led the revision planning committee to recommend that the Commandments be omitted. Thank you for your inquiry.



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