July 24, 2020 Q & A

Is it wrong to wear a wig?


Does the Bible strictly ban women from adding artificial hair to their hair?


Thank you for your question. The problem with answering “yes” or “no” about wearing a wig or “adding artificial hair” is that the Bible says nothing on the subject. In fact, “wig” isn’t even in the Bible, and no references to “hair” have anything to do with artificial hair.

Since God has not spoken definitively about wigs, the church can’t either. We have to go by the general principles about the priority of spiritual beauty over bodily beauty in dealing with such matters. Let me refer you to a previous Q&A for some guidance in that area.

There is nothing wrong with making ourselves attractive. But it can be done with a wrong motive—from a heart more concerned with the approval of men than of God. At root, you would have to ask yourself, “What is the reason that I want to add artificial hair?”

I hope this helps.



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