"Helps for Worship" Series Available


Bill Shishko's series "Helps for Worship," published in New Horizons beginning in October 2005, is now available on the OPC website. This series contains such titles as "What Is Worship?" "Principles for Public Worship," and "Preparing for Worship." Each article is linked to this index for ease of reading. You can also download the entire series as an eBook:  ePub  Mobi

Index of Articles

  1. What Is Worship?
  2. The Principles of Public Worship (Part 1)
  3. The Principles of Public Worship (Part 2)
  4. Preparing for Worship (Part 1)
  5. Preparing for Worship (Part 2)
  6. The Order of Worship
  7. The Salutation
  8. The Call to Worship
  9. Psalms and Hymns (Part 1)
  10. Psalms and Hymns (Part 2)
  11. Corporate Confession of Faith (Part 1)
  12. Corporate Confession of Faith (Part 2)
  13. The Prayer of Invocation
  14. Responsive Readings
  15. Prayer of Confession (Part 1)
  16. Prayer of Confession (Part 2)
  17. Assurance of Pardon
  18. Response of Praise
  19. The Sacraments
  20. Tithes and Offerings
  21. Prayer after the Offering
  22. Scripture Readings
  23. Old and New Covenant Readings
  24. The Frequency of the Lord's Supper
  25. Hymn of Preparation
  26. The Sermon (Part 1)
  27. How Should I Come to the Supper?
  28. The Sermon (Part 2)
  29. The Sermon (Part 3)
  30. Christian Baptism
  31. After the Sermon
  32. The Benediction
  33. What to Do after Worship

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